curriculum vitae

Helle Mejer Antonsen

Born in Northern Jutland, Denmark, 1965.
As an artist I work with drawing, watercolour and intaglio.
I have worked with oil, acrylics, collage and mixed media.
I have participated in more than 100 exhibitions
in Denmark and abroad over the past 30 years.

Education and courses:
1986: 3 months, folk high school, Medielinien, Bjerringbro
1990: 1 year, drawing school, Grafisk Skole, Aarhus
1995: 3 months, layout at Mousehouse, Aarhus
2001-02: The Graphic Arts Inst. of Denmark, Copenhagen
2004: 6 months, classical drawing, The Animation Workshop, Viborg

Participated in the following projects:
Poetry/art project “Liv og Løgne” (Life and Lies) with AlSadi, 1991
Poetry/art project, “Ildfisken” with Carsten Rene, 1992
Illustrated “Melonmarken”, published by Skrivinda, nr. 2 1993
Poetry/art project, “Skabelse” (Creation) with Karen Soegaard, Nordick Institut, Aarhus University, 1993-94.
Connected with Frederikshavns Art Library, 1994
“Artist of the Week”, Testrup Folk High School, 1993 + 1994
“East Gate”, Aarhus Festival 1995, installation, Store Torv
Illustrated “Danske Noter” no. 1 1999, Dansklærerforeningen
“The Horse and the Soft Animal”, Hinnerup Kulturhus, 2001
Performed “Kraka Prisen” for Aarhus University, 2002
Cover drawings for Davenport: “Out into Nothing”, 2008
Permanent exhibition at Gjern Skole, “Intermezzo”, 2006.
I have been in the board of Galleri Franciska, Denmark for 8 years.
In the same period, I was a freelance drawing artist for the magazine “CekvinaNyt”,
published by Aarhus University. Layouter at the art magazine “Kunst” for 8 years.

Taught and motivated:
Adult, croquis and intaligo, Holstebro Folk High School, 1994
Adult, drawing and computer layout, Basen, Brabrand, 1995 and 1997
Mentally disabled, Medievaerkstedet, Aarhus, 1997-98
Adults in croquis, children in drawing, Anholt, 1998
4th grade, Faarvang Skole, visual arts, 2005
7th grade, Hammel Skole, visual arts, 2006
2nd and 3rd grade, Gjern Skole, visual arts, 2007
"Tegn i Gjern", my drawing school for children and adults, started in 2007.

Den Ingwersenske Fond: 1989, 1990, 1994
The Danish Culture Department: 1989, 1990, 1995
Aarhus Municipality Culture Department, 1990
Aarhus Municipality Artist Scholarship, 1992
Demokratifonden, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1992
The Danish Culture Department (artist support office), 1993
Nordic Cultural Fund, 1994
The Consulate General of Denmark, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1995

Selected exhibitions:
2012    “Mohnday”, Würzburg, Germany
          Museum Silkeborg, Papirmuseet, Denmark
2011    Online Splitgraphic Competition 2011
          Parallax AF , 2011, London
          “10th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2011”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2010    “5th Intternational Printmaking Biennial of Douro – 2010”, Portugal
          “9th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2010”, Sofia, Bulgaria
           That Gallery, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
2009    Hoffmann, Brabrand
2008    Danfoss, Aarhus
           Viborg Hospital
2006    Galleri Jenzen, Aalborg
          „Artmoney“, Silkeborg Kunstnerhus
2003    Art Cubic, Barcelona, Spain
2002    Aarhus University
          „Valør“, Viborg Council
          „Kunstmessen“, Marselisborghallen, Aarhus
1998   „Rejsebilleder“, Kunstnernes Hus, Aarhus
          Qaqortoq, Greenland
1997    Kvindemuseet, Aarhus
          City Hall of Aarhus
1996    Kunstklubben, Den Danske Bank, Aarhus
1995    “7. Drawing Bienale”, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
           Kystgalleriet, Aarhus
          “Grafik 95”, Aalborg Kunstpavillons, (censored)
          “Around H.C.Andersen”, St. Petersburg, Russia
          “Palimsest”, Galleri Jylland, Spjald
1994    Grafik bienale, Ibiza, Spain
          “Nordisk Vandreudstilling”, Finland, Norway and DK
          “Skabelse”, Galleri Franciska
          Easter Exhibition, Frederikshavns Kunstbibliotek
          “Tegn, firkanter & streger”, Galleri Franciska
1993   Tegnebienale, Zagreb, Kroatien
          “Beruelsesfestival”, Ridehuset, Århus
1992   “Dialogo”, El Pensativo, Guatemala
          Charlottenborgs Spring Exhibition
1991   “Liv og Løgne” (Life and Lies), Galleri Rampelys, Silkeborg
          “Woman the Comic Soul”, Kunstnernes Hus, Aarhus
          Galleri ved Åen, Århus
1989   Cekvina, Århus Universitet